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Be the Change – Page 3 – Clergy 211 Official Blog

A Message to Men on the Eve of the Hour of the Woman

When we resist the natural flow or order, we do violence to our souls, and that violence manifests itself in family and relationship dysfunction, in loss of empathy for humanity and earth’s other creatures. The energy that propelled us to greatness now threatens our very existence.

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Ode to Mother

She is worthy of a good name. She is not just the nameless nurturer of Job’s ten children or the temptress of the susceptible masculine identity. She does not reckon herself to be the antagonist to the sometimes fragile male psyche…

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Prophets Among Us

In times like these, someone must call the mighty to account.

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Curve Balls & Gratitude

In order to keep us awake to opportunity and to teach us equanimity, the universe throws us the occasional curve ball.

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The Art of Compromise

Marriage is very much like a work of art in that after many strokes and much time it reveals its truest masterpiece.

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Love Changes Everything

Humanity and planet Earth are evolving at a quickened pace

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Beauty of Transformation

Sometimes, we sense the need for growth and change in our lives. We seek a rebirth, or a renewal. The start of a new year is often when we seek to alleviate the sense of feeling bored or complacent with situations that we find ourselves settled into.

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Meditation on Doubt

How do we deal with doubt? Is it healthy or useful? Could embracing doubt help us to expose hidden truths and perhaps even to purge some untruths?

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You Were Born Together

A beautiful quote from Kahlil Gibran wrapped in a short video meditation

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