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Grief & Transition

Grief & Transition

Pain Therapy

It is one of the greatest challenges of our humanity to share carrying another’s burden of pain … if they trust us enough to let us in during such a time. The real opportunity in that moment is to… February 10, 2016Dionne Lambert Grief & Transition,Life & Living assistance,family,friends,grief,help,love,pain,transitions Read More

Beauty of Transformation

Sometimes, we sense the need for growth and change in our lives. We seek a rebirth, or a renewal. The start of a new year is often when we seek to alleviate the sense of feeling bored or complacent wi… January 27, 2016Rev. Rob McMahon Grief & Transition,Inspirational,Life & Living,Religion & Spirituality acceptance,beauty,change,death,expression,life,stages,transformation,wisdom Read More

A Death in the Family

We live in a culture with an unhealthy relationship with death; a culture that either desperately avoids examining its implications or portrays it in grotesquely tragical and/or terrifying ways. August 3, 2015Dee Sobol Grief & Transition acceptance,courage,death,fear Read More

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