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Love & Marriage

Love & Marriage

The Art of Compromise

Marriage is very much like a work of art in that after many strokes and much time it reveals its truest masterpiece. Many enter marriage with an unhealthy understanding of what sustains long-term rela… February 14, 2016Rev. Randy Lewis Love & Marriage commitment,compromise,forgiveness,fortitude,integrity,love,marriage,patience,relationship,sustainability Read More

Love Changes Everything

We are living in a time of great change. Many thinkers and seers agree that humanity and the planet Earth are evolving at a quickened pace, and that this evolution will be severe and seemingly chaotic… February 12, 2016Rev. Rob McMahon Inspirational,Life & Living,Love & Marriage,Religion & Spirituality change,divine,force,inspiration,love,spirituality Read More

The 5 C’s to a Great Relationship

Relationships are constantly undergoing changes and shifts, and rarely do we find that people stay together for more than 15 years anymore. Here is a short list of key principles that will contribute … September 7, 2015Rev. Randy Lewis Life & Living,Love & Marriage care,commitment,communication,companionship,compromise,relationships,tips Read More

Language of Love

What is your language of love? Did you even know that you had one? We all have a love language. It is how we communicate our love to those close to us. Most are not aware of how their love language ex… August 3, 2015Rev. Randy Lewis Love & Marriage,Religion & Spirituality communication,language,love,marriage,relationship Read More

Marriage: Access Granted

With the recent Supreme Court ruling for same-sex marriage, the debate concerning the purpose of marriage has again been thrust into the public sphere. And there is a great deal of passion on all side… June 30, 2015Rev. Randy Lewis Love & Marriage biblical,civil rights,court,discrimination,lgbt,love,marriage equality,SCOTUS Read More

Writing Daily Love Emails As a Spiritual Practice

I have been writing love notes to my spouse and daughter every day for over a year now. Since it is a proven fact that before either of them says, “Good morning” to the world, or “I love you,”… May 30, 2015Rev. Randy Lewis Love & Marriage,Religion & Spirituality correspondence,dedication,expression,love,relationship Read More


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