Author: Rev. Rob McMahon

Reverend Rob is an ordained cross-denominational minister with a rich history in Roman Catholicism and Anglican Protestantism. With a Certificate in Theology, Bachelor of Arts in Ministry, and a Doctorate of Divinity, he is based in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. From there he serves New York's tri-state area as well our Mid-Atlantic region, specializing in custom wedding ceremonies. His focus on the couple's spirituality allows for personalizing each ceremony with either a religious or non-religious structure and crosses different denominations and faiths, which has increased his popularity and demand. As a published author of his book "Wandering Thoughts", Reverend Rob continues to compose his reflections on life as he works on his second publication, and contributes to our monthly blog. His extensive volunteer work, commitment to his local prison ministry, and weekly prayer service with the elderly and marginalized, through his own Mission of Saint Francis, has established him as a respected member of his community.