Source of All Life, today we pray for peace, as for millennia now we have been waging wars with one another and within ourselves. We need more benevolence, kindness, decency, and more peace inside and between us.

We ask for the strength to seek and to grant forgiveness from those we’ve wounded and to those who’ve wounded us, including our own selves. We need the strength to be authentic, vulnerable, and merciful. We need to acknowledge honestly, to restore willingly, and to start healing together. We need more forgiveness.

Oh, You Who Hears Prayers, give us balance, for in the world we built for ourselves, power often comes without humility or integrity, and we tend to esteem our own well-being over that of others. We need more compassion and holistic solutions to our problems. We need more balance of the mind and heart. Grant us balance, oh Lord.

We pray for the unity of a noble purpose, without which we cannot achieve our fullest potential. We realize that it is in the context of a community with others that one finds one’s greatest value and purpose. We rise and fall together. We need more unity, and may our purpose be benevolent, Lord.

Teach us to love ourselves properly, so that we could in turn learn to love others in the way we love ourselves. True love elevates. Thus, we acknowledge that if we had truly loved ourselves, then we would have tried harder to examine who we were, inevitably perceiving how intimately we are connected with everyone and everything else. If we had truly loved ourselves, then we could not have perpetrated, perpetuated, or tolerated the injustices of the world. Teach us to love ourselves in a mature, wholesome way.

Oh God, although we have the ability to show, give, and multiply love freely and to invite it into all dimensions and situations, we often choose not to. Perhaps, we are too scared, misled, or distracted. May we recognize the divine spark in everyone we encounter and discover sooner rather than later that loving the other and loving oneself are precisely one and the same. May we always choose love. May we be saved by it.

May our self-awareness lead to a collective greatness that comes from humility, gratitude, and responsibility. We thank you, Eternal Spirit, for the enlightenment of the soul freely given to all seekers.


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Dee Sobol

Dee was born and grew up in the Republic of Belarus. He is a business strategist and organizational consultant, student of spirituality, lover of life, equality, and justice.

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