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A Message to Men on the Eve of the Hour of the Woman

Our lives are often detached and hurried, and we are not empathetic enough to allow ourselves to really live, because we often forget that we are still connected to one another. We men need to take this time to reflect on our lives and what we emit into the universe. We must take stock of our lives and allow the shifting that is taking place in the universe to happen. When we resist the natural flow or order, we do violence to our souls, and that violence manifests itself in family and relationship dysfunction, in loss of empathy for humanity and earth’s other creatures. The energy that propelled us to greatness now threatens our very existence.

There is nothing inherently evil or untoward about the male force and the masculine energy, but it truly needs to be balanced by the feminine force and a real sense of humility. Hubris affects us all; but the masculine energy is far more susceptible. This is not meant to demean the masculine energy but to denounce the overall patriarchal spirit that prevails in the world. It may not be convenient or habitual for us men to feel deeply about another. But something needs to break in our world. We have to allow the feminine to take her rightful place to soften our hardness and our stubbornness.

I believe that my mother, with her endless patience, her great resilience in the face of challenges, and her sweet welcoming spirit inclusive of all, could literally rule the world, because she is everyone’s mother. The world needs the feminine energy, no matter the actual gender through which it is expressed. We desperately need healing and care-taking in our policy-making institutions and decision rooms, just as much as we need them in schools, kindergartens, and homes; in science labs and on boards of directors, on the Senate floor and in the Oval Office, just as much as we need them in classrooms and nurseries. The world is crying for the life-giving energy, for peace, love, diplomacy, and understanding.

The age of testosterone-driven machoism, with its brute force, calling for and waging wars, inflicting wounds, grabbing what it can, “man-eat-man,” “each man for himself” — this age is passing away, as it should. The next upward loop in our social — if not anatomical — human evolution is in honoring and welcoming femininity to take its rightful place — at the head and at the pinnacle. If we want balance, progress, and shift from the “same old” status quo, then what it would take is the feminine essence leading the way.


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I am a proud, passionate liberal thinker, social-justice advocate, entrepreneur, creative thinker, and songwriter whose mission in life is to try be the change that I hope someday would be in the world. I am also a husband, father, and community minister. I hold an undergraduate degree in Organizational Leadership, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Divinity degrees. Currently, I am serving as Managing Director of Clergy 211, an organization of inclusive and progressive clergy that provide non-judgmental rite-of-passage ceremonies for all people.

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